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Quantum something or other

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    Suppose [tex]\mathbf{U}_f(\left| x\right>\left| y\right> )=\left| x\right>\left| y\oplus f(x)\right>[/tex] denotes the unitary transformation corresponding to some 1-bit function f.

    I'm guessing here that x is the input register, and y the output register.

    Now suppose f(0)=0 and f(1)=0.

    How is it that [tex]\mathbf{U}_f=\mathbf{1}[/tex] the 2-Qbit unit operator?
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    In general, is [tex]\left| x\right>\left| y\right>[/tex] a tensor product?
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    don't know about your first question but in general [tex]\left| x\right>\left| y\right>[/tex]
    means tensor product, we are just too lazy to write it.
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    It might be better to post this under "quantum mechanics".
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