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Quantum State Vector

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    "Let’s begin by labeling the possible spin states along the three coordinate axes. If A is oriented along the z axis, the two possible states that can be prepared correspond to σz= ±1. Let’s call them up and down and denote them by ket-vectors |u> and |d> . Thus, when the apparatus is oriented along the z axis and registers +1, the state |u> has been prepared. " says in The Theoritical Minimum

    what it means ? In particular "the state |u> has been prepared" Actually I am asking just this part
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    It means that the system is in state |u>,
    | \psi \rangle = | \mathrm{u} \rangle
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    By saying that the state [itex]|u\rangle[/itex] is prepared, one can assume that all subsequent measurements of that same system will be as though the system is in state [itex]|u\rangle[/itex].
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