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Quantum states of matter

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    Hey everyone,

    so I recently watched a vid that talked about Googol and googolplex sized universes, and their implications quantum mechanically. Supposedly, the number of quantum states that the particles that make up our body can make is something like 10^10^70.

    The physicist then said that assuming we lived in a Universe with the radius of a googolplex, that we would see a repetition of ourselves somewhere in the Universe.

    I understand the concepts of what he's saying, I'd just like some math to understand how one could assume the number of quantum states of particles 1 cubic meters.

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    You mean assume the radius of the universe is 1 googolplex metres, or 1 googolplex quantum particles?
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    Yeah radius of the universe would be 1 googolplex metres.

    Here's a link to the video I watched,

    Googol and Googolplex
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