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Quantum superposition

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    Hi...if you could spare a minute of your time?

    I've had the novel idea to explain superpostion.Is it possible that it vibrates at faster than the speed of light or near the speed of light and is therefore essentially (there before it has left it's original position?) Therefore in two places at the same time? Also giving it mass?

    Sorry to bother you :)
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, Greg!

    Rather than starting off trying to "explain" something like superposition, you might want to learn a bit more first. Perhaps you could google it, and then ask some questions about it.

    You will see here quickly that your explanation doesn't actually explain anything, as in providing new insight or a new formula to apply. That is the difficult side of science, as I could just as easily speculate that superposition is anything if I don't make any specific predictions.
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