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Quantum Teleportation?

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    This is probably not theoretical anymore, since it is possible to teleport a photon 1 m far ( since last I checked ). This could not be done however without destroying the photon at the starting end. They had to record the quantum state of the particle and send it to the receiving end. After which it was reassembled by means of this "quantum record". What I want to know is, do you think it is possible to record the quantum state of a Big Mac and have my "replicator" (Star Trek dejavu) assemble one for me?

    *Edit : Found info on the physics section of Yahoo
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    whoa, whoa... back up.
    i've heard nothing about the teleportation of a photon. give me a link.
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    The Ausies did it! Just a couple months before they flew the first successfull hypersonic jet engine.

    Criky, a right dinky-dee bit o' physics dem blokes is pullin', eh gov'na?!
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    Whoa, a bit out of date. We've 'teleported' 1 trillion atoms.

    http://www.aip.org/enews/physnews/2001/split/558-1.html [Broken]
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    Does this quantum entangling hhave anything to do with string theory?
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    No, it is a QM effect.
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    No teleportation took place there; just entanglement.

    There have been other experiments that partially or possibly teleported individual particals, but the Australian team was the first to develope a real teleportation technique.
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    Entanglement and teleportation are very related phenomenon actually. Yes they are seperate entities, but when you get to macroscopic sizes, entanglement is what you have to do to get teleportation.


    If you read the link about the aussies, you will see that is what they did also, they used entanglement.
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    Could some one explain what entanglement is? Thanks.
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    it's a little to sketchy for me... i think i don't understand QM well enough to make a sound judgement on this on.
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