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Quantum teleportation

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    Im doing a projct in a course in QM and I have decided to write about Q-teleportation. Do we have any people here that know nice sites and articles in the subject? Maybe someone is an expert in the field. Any help would be appreciated.
    I cant find any topics that talks about Q-teleportation in this forum, lets start right here and we can try to see if we can learn anything. Thanks.
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    Look at the recent articles in Science and Nature by the guys (Wineland) from NIST and the guys in Austria. They did teleportation using ion trap quantum computing.
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    I find interesting this technique called Two-way teleportation. In it you have the habitual quantum channel shared between Alice and Bob. Then two qubits are teleported simultaneously, one from Alice two Bob and the other from Bob to Alice. Two-way teleportation was first suggested by Vaidman in 1994
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    I have read the article from june 17 2004 of Nature. A really good article. The main problem is all technical term that I am not familiar with. Like the name of the trap cant remember now but I think it is GHZ trap or something, I havent a good picture of the understanding of the iontrap and the Bell state. can someone give a good explaination of the bell state concept?
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    I have read Wineland's article, and it it he mentions the Paul trap
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    That's pretty cool, I watch the news on this subject, I haven't seen this done before. Has it?
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    No,it has not been made, but look this paper, where there's a review of two-way teleportation and a generalization of this method to a new scheme called Chain teleportation

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    Hi, I'm currently working on a project on Quantum Computing

    http://www.dream-odyssey.com/temp/temp.pl [Broken] is where I've been keeping my pdf's for easy finding. There are quite a few that cover teleportation as well you're welcome to have a look
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