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Quantum Theology?

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    Anyone every herd of Quantum Theology?

    Principles of Quantum Theory that match the ideas and principles of physics to underlying concepts of theology. Ideas such as wholeness, the interrelation of all things, one mind etc?
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    I've heard about such, and read some of their stuff. I wasn't impressed with their knowledge of the quantum mechanics they invoked. I don't think any of them could do a particle in a well, even in one dimension.
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    I agree. It seems modern science is revealing some truths in the world's religions though it doesn't seem to be obvious to some.
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    I don't know the facts surrounding quantum physics but I do know Alan Watts and some other writers have found striking similarities between all manner of physics and the religions and philosophies of India.

    Whether these similarities are present because ancient eastern Indians studied physics to a degree that matches or exceeds our knowledge of physics.. or because philosophy and physics are studies that are basically rooted in the same ground is up for interpretation.

    It seems that science has a tendancy to become religion and mythology when the methodology of its study is lost due to some large catastrophic intervention such as flooding, earthquakes or other major disruptions to a civilization. What's leftover are conclusions with few or no people left who know how to arrive at them or how they were arrived at.
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