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Quantum Theory definition

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    What are the branches that we can say are categorized under [Quantum Theory](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_theory)? [Broken] I am thinking they are QFT, Standard Model and Quantum Mechanics. How about atomic physics and Solid state physics? Also how about Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information? Can they be also categorized there?
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    Why not? I'm gonna ask some people on that. I would also like to know that. But I don't see why not. But don't take my word for any thing. I'll see what Nuggatory has to say about this, If he'll respond that is.
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    There are also Quantum electrodynamics and chromodynamics (QED and QCD) but I'm not positive how they all link together. Loop quantum gravity seems to be likeliest contender but there is no complete quantum gravity theory that I am aware of.
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    Are the theories accepted in the science community?
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    Should the theories be accepted to be categorized under Quantum Theory? Can't they only be theories as the name of the huge title suggests? @CrackerMcGinger
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    A quantum theory is any theory that makes use of quantum physics, so all those mentioned above are quantum theories.
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    QED and QCD certainly are. QED might be the most experimentally confirmed theory ever.
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    Only the quantum gravity theories are unconfirmed.
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