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News Quantum theory of Mitt Romney

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    Pretty good. Thanks for posting.
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    D H

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    From the article,
    Entanglement. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a proton, neutron or Mormon: the act of observing cannot be separated from the outcome of the observation. By asking Mitt Romney how he feels about an issue, you unavoidably affect how he feels about it. More precisely, Mitt Romney will feel every possible way about an issue until the moment he is asked about it, at which point the many feelings decohere into the single answer most likely to please the asker.​
    That's not entanglement! That's just a bad mishmash of the Romney wavefunction collapse interpretation and the multiple Romneys interpretation of the Romney candidacy. Entanglement would involve showing that the Etch-a-sketch Politics of Romney (EPR) paradox leads to Romney giving the single answer most likely to please to asker before Romney knows the asker's political leanings.
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    Well, the statement "the act of observing cannot be separated from the outcome of the observation" seems to be a statement about contextuality, which is a key feature of entanglement. It would be like Romney choosing his position based on what the questioner asked Newt Gingrich.
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    so if you measure his spin on a particular issue does it obliterate his previous spin of a different issue?

    can local hidden voters account for this?
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    I think you are confusing hidden voters with Romney's hidden variables. Between measurements (news conferences) does his POSITION on an issue even exist or is it probabilistic only?

    PS I find this whole thread depressing since I am probably going to hold my nose and vote for this turd in November.
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    Speaking of hidden voters, is it possible to find a Romney voter in an excited state?
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    Thanks, Lugita, I needed a good laugh today!
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    No, there is a damping effect caused by his inability to come across as an actual human, and this prevents excitation.
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