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Quantum Theory & Reality

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    Someone I know sent me something for validation. Is this train of thought headed in the right direction? Please forgive him for the informal language used; he doesn't have a physics background...Thanks!

    "Superposition simply implies that conscious beings always have choices, and that entanglement (multiple states) is/are an illusion. For alive and conscious beings, complete decoherence never occurs, although regarding defined events (observable reality), everything that has ever been observed or can be observed has already decohered. The moment is seemingly faster than the speed of light, because it is already here."
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    This is not even close to meaningful. In fact, it's the usual gibberish you'd expect from the average quack.

    Sorry for being honest.

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    Alright, thanks for being honest!
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    Closed, as JazzDude has already said it all.
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