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Quantum tic tac toe

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    can anyone help me understand it?

    also, does an event horizon only refer to black holes??????
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    I wasnt allowed to link to it. I wasn't trying to spam. I just wanted to know if anyone has played it......and to explain it to me......
    this forum is strict hu?
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    What do you mean you weren't allowed to link to it? Did someone delete your link? Personally, I've never heard of quantum tic tac toe, so cannot help you with that.

    Your second question is to do with relativity, not quantum physics-- you should avoid asking unrelated questions in the same thread. However, to answer it, no; event horizons are not only related to black holes. An event horizon is defined as a boundary beyond which an event cannot affect an observer.
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    If you don't not wish to make an effort to elaborate on what you are asking, at the very least, make an exact reference to what you are referring to (no personal website or crackpot sites, please). Otherwise, don't expect any rational answer.

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    You can find more in American Journal of Physics -- November 2006 -- Volume 74, Issue 11, pp. 962-973.

    But you might have well been asking about the concept of superposition in QM. The answer would cover more or less the same topics.

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    I found it ..........

    I found what I was looking for ........a paper about it." a teaching metaphor"
    it was about superposition

    basically quantum tic tac toe is about superposition and it is cyclical and self-referential and has a game tree with dead ends... all very interesting
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