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Quantum tunneling

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    some say that quantum tunneling would act sortof like a hyperspace/warp thing.
    any views on what it actually is?
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    I think it is possible that quantum tunneling arises from some type of ultra=small scale magnetic (or possilbe strong or weak force) warp or wormhole.

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    In "pure" states (no mixed), things are determined by probability functions. The propbability peaks at one position, but tails off and has a non-zero value at points away from the peak point. Even if there is a barrier, the probability value on the other side can be greater than zero. And it is possible to get the probability peak to move to that place, thus taking the particle "past" the barrier. This is the basic idea of quantum tunneling. It's a very basic quantum idea, and not due to any conspriracy of other forces.
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    Probability doesn't cause anything. It is just the description of the distribution of outcomes over a large number of instances.

    I don't argue with the math and methods of QM. They work beautifully. What I argue with is the interpretation of the formalism and the idea of probability.

    There must be a real world mapping for the formalism before it is completely understood. Most of the explanations today are mystical and metaphysical. A concrete mapping is necessary or the meaning of QM recedes into the mists.

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