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Quantum weirdness

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    Has string theory or any other quantum-gravity theory the potential or the intention solving quantum weirdness (measurement problem, quantum reality)?
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    Hi Ratzinger, always nice to hear from you, and think of Acapulco.
    my understanding is that weirdness is dealt with in other lines of research like FOUNDATIONS OF QUANTUM MECHANICS
    and Quantum Information/Quantum Computing.

    In Quantum Gravity you may get people ENCOUNTERING new instances of weirdness, as they try to build a model around the shape of the universe, and they may occasionally bark their shins on new weirdness and stumble on it. I COULD BE MISSING SOMETHING but I don't hear QG people promising that they are going to resolve the Riddles of Interpretation and all that.

    Maybe they will by accident. Because it looks like QG is being forced to invent a new non-manifold kind of spacetime. The old manifold-type spacetimes used in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory, the routine setups used for perturbative approximations, seem finally IMHO just not working well enough. And these are the spacetimes that Quantum Theories have always been done on. So, it could be that when the QG people have a non-manifold spacetime they will find that formulating fields on that new model will make some of the quantum oddities go away.

    BTW in a humorous note, here is something from next months conference outside Berlin:


    Prof. Fotini Markopoulou
    Emergent spacetime
    Abstract: How I learned to stop worrying and love non-locality, It appears unavoidable that schemes of spacetime emerging as the low-energy description of a microscopic background-independent theory run into trouble with locality. We review the problem. Since it is very generic, we argue that we should look for ways to use it rather than avoid it. In particular, we investigate applications of this idea to cosmology.
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