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Quantum well?

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    I need the knowledge of the quantum well, who can help me?
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    You'll have to be more specific about what you want to know.

    1. What is your current educational background in physics ?

    2. What do you want to know about a quantum well ? Is a definition enough ? I can think of at least several tens of pages of text that are relevant to your question in some way or the other.

    A few relevant topics that come to mind (beyond just a basic definition) are :

    1. Growth of quantum wells (heterostructures)
    2. Solving the Time Indep. Schrodinger Equation for wells of different shapes
    3. Tunneling
    4. Approximations : WKB, Perturbation theory, Variational methods, tight binding, etc.
    5. Band structure, transitions between bands and sub-bands, optical properties
    6. 2D Electrons in Electric and Magnetic fields - the Quantum Hall states

    For a definition, and a starting point : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_well
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    George Jones

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    So, are you saying that there aren't any female physicists, or that no female physicists frequent these fora, or that female physicists don't mind being called sir?

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    You just reminded me of Peppermint Patty's recurring line in the Peanuts comic strip: "Don't call me 'Sir!'" :smile:
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