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Quantum Wormhole Mechanics and Microtubes

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    Mirror Symmetry and Microtubule-Topologized Wormhole Mechanics

    Pelasrates of Consciousness: the process of energy conserving systems in the intercommutation between layered memory substrates and the microstructure substrates of organismic biology ----> pelastrates as the finest structure consistents of substrational domains. Substance: a rational continuity, as well as a discretizing process of preservational affinity to conserve energy in the form of information.

    Quantum duality: the movements, the motions, celestial mechanics of bodies; Lagrangians, orthogonality, the Riemmanian manifold on an adapting frame--->Brownian motion, measure space conditions in an interacting particle system, the gas state---> the distribution of galaxies in the universe etc. bringing us back (from celestial movement to the possibility of attaining information on cosmological motions---> the ICRF or International Celestial Reference Frame again back to the frame and back to the measure on quantum scale.) Quatum information then relates intrinsicaly to quantum movement which is a diffractometric mirror image of cosmological structure. Substance then, in the celestial, taking on a holographic meaning with respect to solid dynamics on the hands-on scale. Here I am referencing to one celestial superfluids and dynamical situations in cosmology as mirror images, scale-reversed patterns but of the same empirical symmetry and process. Looking at space-time from the pelastrations perspective we can see how, as shown on the website, the space-time sheet represented on a string, green, as the unfolding of the brane world from different scaled pelastrates, purple a.e. a pella-type metric on the string as a cell-composed sheet forming rolls? As a means of measure analyticaly tracing out movements in time for systems more complex than the string language universal ie. for type-2, type-3 and type-4 interpreted dimensions [cellular, genetic, and c-membraneous systems of organization.]

    Homology assists us in biological data sets where we have to deal with large quantities of serialized information in a database and want to project this information into structural resonance imagery. Mirrors reflect imagery and given the reversing nature of a mirror when optical information is bouncing off into space we can assume a different kind of invariance. Phase space preserves transformation of moving points on all scales of rotation. A mirror composed of a lattice-alligned broken symmetry (crystallographic time cells) can reiterate the phase space function, by plane reduction, to maintain the invariance of all it's movements under any conditions of it's contents. Rotational movement then can be nonlinear and electron spin resonance can be attributed to other scales of information ie. cells and macromolecules. Modeling this phenomena on a structure homogenizing dataset then may entail penetration of the wormhole bridging - cylindrical c-space via transport mechanisms.

    Of course this leap is a pregiven categorical necessity to properly re-model some first principles. More precisely it necessitates not only the refounding of first principles but perhaps even the founding of new first principles ie. Neoclassicism.

    Microtubules provide us with a beautiful metric that facillitates the polarization of energy in e+e- pairing, for gluon-quark problems, bridging mechanisms, QCD determination, as well as for decoherence in the quantum brain model. Ground states and the Pauli exclusion principle we leave to ion channels and the transport mechanisms of complex gating properties [nanotechnology, quantum tunneling, and carbon nanotubes.] Microtubules are just macro enough and allready structural that homology is allready given where the only coherency method needed to develop then is a homogenous mapping of the vacuum state. Wormholes then can be generational to the microtubule energy structure in considering vacuum and hidden coefficients (tunneling phenomena). Particles of this system have motion in the manner of cylidrical measures, the field correspondence calculations allong the wormhole with respect to vacuum and information loss in the form of the residual bundles, UV-spectra or weak radiation at the "event horizon" of the wormhole. If you ever watched the television program Sliders you can see the idea here for wormholes. Mirrors in the hypersymmetric cell function help us perhaps in the idea of small microtubule energy states of consciousness being both inside the brain and projected into a wormhole cosmology. Microtubule cytoskeleton can now be topologicaly understood through continuum calculations whcih act as resonance imaging for postulating a torus via slicing and atomic representation into bundle frames. Hence we have now as of 2003 normalized the microtubule. Orthographic maps now of the microtubule and the vacuum medium ie. topological space-time guages and dilatons [as the vacuum state containments of cytoskeletal metric containers] might work.

    Membranes (pelastrations, cell-to-cell global mappings, and vortex dynamics) may act as vessicular probing charts for the multilayered interfacing of wormhole mechanics with the mind for virtual transport possibilities.

    http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/metaboard/messages19/3.html [Broken]
    http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/metaboard/messages19/10.html [Broken]

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    Oh no I just use intelligence simulation using higher order Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods over a cellular neural network (randomly generating artificial life.) Then I just get them to read the papers and spit out the answers. I must have some 144 aliens working at 144 typewritters; and it's still faster than an infinite number of monkeys.
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    I am looking for Ramanujan12. Is he no longer active with the forum?
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