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Quasar feedback

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    can anyone explain quasar feedback.. having some trouble.
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    I am a quasar aficionado. Unfortunately the more quasar papers I read the more questions I have. There are puzzles within enigmas.

    If any one is interested in this subject I would highly recommend Schneider's Extraglactic Astronomy & Cosmology. Schneider is a professional astronomer. His book is unusual as it explains what is observed, what is the standard theory that explains what is observed at an equation level, and then he includes a few sentences that explain problems with the current theory. Schneider has a deep understand of his subject as is shown in his mathematical explanation. He explains and constructs the mathematical models in a manner that is clear without losing the fact that this is an observational field.

    Answering the question what the heck are quasars is one of the most important unanswered questions in astronomy. As more is known about this subject the explanations become increasingly rococo.

    One of the questions that Schneider asks is why is there very, very, hot extra galactic gas between galactic clusters. He shows with equations that the gas should have had an opportunity to cool yet it has not. In addition the very very hot intergalactic gas is connected in massive intergalactic filaments.



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    Further to seto6's comment.

    Seto6 I believe your question is what is the "feedback" that causes the BH accretion disc to stop the accretion phase, thereby producing a line less or naked quasar.

    Another question what produces the powerful emission of the naked quasar if there is no accretion disc.


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