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Quaternion local rotation

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    Once again, I got a question about quaternions.
    Say I have an initial rotation Q1. I now want to rotate Q1 on the X and then on the Y axis. BUT: The Y rotation should apply to the local Y axis which was given in Q1.

    The problem is:
    If i rotate Q1 by the X-rotation Q2, then the Y axis changes for Q1*Q2. So, since quaternion multiplication is noncommutativ, if I then apply the Y-rotation Q3, I don't rotate about the original Y axis of Q1.

    How can I rotate quaternions this way?

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    I assume that the rotations around X and Y will be achieved by applying by two separate quaternion increments, call them QX and QY. Assuming this is the case I think you need to proceed as follows;

    1. apply the QX rotation to Q1, call the result R1.
    2. apply the QX rotation to the QY rotation increment - this transforms the Y axis rotation from the original frame of reference to the frame that exists after you've done the X rotation. Call the modified QY increment QY'
    3. apply QY' to R1
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