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Quaternion theory

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    Quaternions are generalizations of 3- vectors, in the same as complex numbers are generalizations of 2- vectors. Should quaternions be considered an extension of the real numbers as the complex numbers were?
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    Wouldn't they be considered generalizations of 4-vectors? A quaternion has four components.
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    Oh I thought quaternions were just adding 1 more part to a complex number. I must be way wrong.
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    The "quatern" part comes from Latin, meaning "four times."

    A quaternion has the form q = ai + bj + ck + d, where i, j, and k are such that i2 = j2 = k2 = -1.
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    You are not alone. My recollection is that Hamilton was trying to add one more dimension to complex number to make a three part number. He wasn't able to find a way to make add just one dimension and have it be an extension of the complex numbers. Quaternions, however, are an extension to the complex numbers.
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    Thank you, and ya for the longest time having not researched quaternions in depth, I always thought they were a 3-d version of the real numbers with three components. After reading the Wikipedia article on quaternion I understand Hamilton's motivation behind the four parts now.
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    Yes, undoubtedly!
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