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Quatloos - Scams and fraud exposed

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    Over the years, Brad Christensen has been deluged with every type of "URGENT" offer imaginable from Nigerian scam artists. Finally, he decided to fight back by conning the con men. With humor and imagination as his weapons, Christensen preyed on the scammers' abundant supply of greed and ignorance, taking our 419 friends for quite a ride, and always at their own expense. What follows are some of Christensen's more creative exchanges… :rofl:


    Make sure your mouth is empty before reading this stuff. :rofl:
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    I've seen another site like this one too. Very amusing.
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    http://www.419eater.com/forum/ [Broken]

    Those people do this stuff too... HILARIOUS

    Someone sent the idiots a washing machine once! And of course, since he was paying for shipping, he ended up losing a few thousand dollars!
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    And people say that Americans are the stupid ones. Priceless.
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    I had a go at Scambaiting a few weeks ago. At one point I had a guy waiting for me at Schiphol airport, he was there all afternoon!
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