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Query about website

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    Hi all,
    Am researching on the blast simulation. So tout of adding d effect of blast in my presentation in order to give audience the feel of how large the effect can be.
    I will use the following site
    Can you please throw some light on whether the given map includes the effect due to nuclear weapon blast only OR due to any other kind of blast too?

    Thank you in advance,
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    I suggest you study the linked website more closely. Directly under the map it states:

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    Thank you for the reply again.

    But my doubt is not about the effect. I wanted to know whether the detonation like IEDs can also be considered here, which do not fall under the Nuclear category.

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    IEDs usually have minimal explosive capacity and rely on shrapnel damage rather than blast.
    Of course, there are IEDs such as for OklahomaCity blast using several tons of fuel oil and ammonium nitrate, but even they have less than a 0.01kt yield, where the HYDES maps may not scale well.
    A mining handbook might be more helpful, as reliable blast prediction is of importance there.
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    Thank you for the reply :smile:
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