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Query in PF Forum

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    Dear PF Forum,
    Happy New Year.
    This forum is very, very useful, helpful and elegant. Heavily moderated.
    I find this thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/give-credit-to-the-mentors.848493/ [Broken]
    As many of you might know.
    I just realize that to thank every mentors that alread answer our questions is very difficult.
    Perhaps if it's not against the rule, we can query PF Forum.
    For example:
    Which threads that I, as a starter, have a particular mentor (or advisor or insight author) has replied.

    Perhaps I can't express myself clearly. But this what I might have done.
    Supposed: ThreadTable is the thread table
    and PostTable is the posting inside the ThreadTable, PostTable is many to one relationship with ThreadTable.

    Supposed I want to find how many threads that Janus have replied to my thread.
    Code (Text):
    select ThreadTable.ThreadTitle
    from ThreadTable
    inner join PostTable on PostTable.ThreadId = ThreadTable.ThreadId
    where (ThreadTable.Starter = MyUserName) and (PostTable.MemberName = "Janus")
    group by  ThreadTable.ThreadTitle
    I know that this is highly illegal for any member to do such query like this in SQL and accessing PF server.
    It's just that I just remember something with my thread.
    I remember "ByStander" name. He/She has many times replied my thread. And I forgot to thank him/her in Give Credit to Mentors.
    Not that I want every member can query PF server, perhaps if there is a dialog box for us to display just our own thread that has particular member who posted in it.
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    Greg could run such a query, there is no forum feature doing this and I don't think it would be used frequently.

    Mentors are marked with a green "Staff: Mentor" (see left for an example). They moderate the forums - this task is independent of the thread discussions, and good posts in threads come from all forum members independent of their user group.
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    Yes I know.
    Yes I know.
    Ok, thanks.
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    Bystander is not a mentor, although he deserves thanks.
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    Yes, I know. Bystander is a Science Advisor and Homework Helper. What I mean is this.
    Supposed I want to query which thread a certain member has replied to me (whether he/she is an advisor, helper or insight author or just an ordinary member) that has me as a starter.
    Thanks for the explanation.
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