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Query on Vector Cast Tool

  1. May 25, 2012 #1
    I am using VectorCast tool to Unit Test the code written in C language.

    Brief Description:-The following piece of code (which is present in source code) is getting optimized in VectorCast at Disassembly Level. Hence, the code is not even visible in VectorCast Disassembly.


    In Function ffx_ScheduleInsertCCEvent() :- The Following Code is getting Optimized in VectorCast automatically and hence, the If condition is not getting hit.

    if ( FFX_Scheduler.PendingCCFreeList == NULL )
    FM_ASSERTION_RESET_FAULT( AF_FFX_PCCLIST_OVERFLOW, (UINT32) Signal, callers_address() );

    Due to the Code Optimization by VectorCast, the piece of code is not visible in the Disassembly while debugging. Plus, the FM_ASSERTION_RESET_FAULT is not getting hit and the Test case is getting terminated Abnormally.

    Does anybode has a solution to this problem.
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    I'm not familiar with VectorCast, but is there some way to turn off code optimization? I would think there's a flag you could set when the code is compiled. I would take a look at the documentation for this tool to see if that is a possibility.
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