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Quesion: who is Einstein?

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    What would be the total contribution from Einstein's theory of relativity?
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    in special theory of relativity Einstein made several assumptions that came to be true up to now. They might of course change in the future, but not in a way that he would be wrong (like Newtonian Mechanics changed after relativity).
    But I guess it's no wonder he got the Prize for the photoelectric phenomenon rather than Special and General relativity. The mathematics of them were already built up before Einstein and Hamilton was quite faster :)
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    ...use both sides of post if needed...

    Seriously. Your question is too vague. Please be specific. Do you want a gross dollar value of worldwide productivity? Or what?
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    Einstein's contribution in one sentence: :smile:

    Singlehandedly, he showed that time and space were inextricably linked in a single 4-dimensional manifold transforming in a quite different way to had been previously believed, the curvature of which explained the gravitational force.
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    What do you mean by total? There certainly is real-life applications especially nowadays. Increasing investigation on particle physics as well as astronomy involves a whole bunch of relativity. Photoelectric is certainly important as well. It provides great insight during the early days of quantum theory (which was far from quantum mechanics at that time).
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    The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources (AE)
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    This is a "post-and-run". The OP hasn't come back since the first day, and it doesn't appear that he/she desires for any kind of discussion on here. So this thread is done.

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