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Question about an internship

  1. Aug 16, 2015 #1

    I've been trying to find a physics internship, research program, learning experience program, etc. etc. during the winter break in the USA (between the middle of december to the middle of january - so about 1 month). Can anyone guide me to any resources that might help my search. I have been searching with no luck so far.
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    I think you're going to have a hard time finding anything over that time period.

    For one, a month really isn't a lot of time to make any progress on a project. Even a four month summer project doesn't give the student a lot of time.

    Second, that's a horrible time to schedule anything formal. For undergraduates this is the period between when exams end and when winter semester classes begin. Even outside of a religious context a lot of people, including professors, take this time to go home, visit their families and catch up with friends.

    You best bet is to try to get involved with a research project of some sort in the fall that will carry over into the winter and then use that quiet time over the break to really dive into your project. Keep an eye out for a professor who's trying to avoid his or her in-laws.
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    It is unreasonable to find a program that only lasts a month, especially over the holidays. As Choppy said, if you are doing research in the fall it's very likely you will be working on stuff throughout break anyway (in fact, my professor once wanted to Skype me on Christmas Day. I kindly told him to GTFO).

    The real question is this. Why can you not do research during the semester?
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