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B Question about attraction

  1. May 30, 2016 #1
    I fail to understand attraction with the 'two people throwing balls at each other' analogy.

    Please help.
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    actually it comes to repulsion.

    One can think about forces related to the following situation:

    Two people say A and B are standing on an ice pond. A moves his arm and is pushed backwards.

    A moment later B grabs at an invisible object and is driven backwards (repulsed).

    Even though ONE cannot see a ball, ONE can assume that one person threw a ball to the other person because you see its effect on the two people.

    An another example is often used to explain attraction instead of repulsion is ....two people on an ice pond throwing boomerangs at each other.

    The boomerang is thrown away from the catcher but it circles to the catcher in the thrower's direction, both the thrower and the catcher are impulsed toward each other by the throwing and catching actions.
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    Could you quote this analogy in a bit more detail? The boomerang thing works well but, in that case, it relies on transferring momentum to the rest of the World via the atmosphere, which the boomerang relies on.
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