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Question About Background for Quantum Mechanics/Computing

  1. May 11, 2005 #1
    Greetings. I'm working on something that requires I read a large paper on quantum information theory and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some books that could help fill in my background. To be specific, I'm reading Keyl's Fundamentals of Quantum Information Theory paper. I have until fall before I technically have to even start reading this, although I would prefer to start sooner.

    I just finished a course on matrix theory and so I possess some understanding of the beginning of the paper, but it soon introduces Hilbert spaces and tensors, two things I know nothing about. I'm interested on finding books that explain Hilbert spaces and tensors, and also the name of a good intro to quantum mechanics that I could refer to as a secondary text.

    For my background, I've taken the first abstract algebra and analysis courses, linear algebra, matrix theory, and calc III. Since I'll be taking graduate level algebra and analysis courses this fall, I can learn any necessary material from them as may be required in a suggested book. In terms of what I know of matrices, I've read the fundamental parts (not applications) of Horn and Johnson's Matrix Analysis.

    I think I would prefer graduate level texts, but if none of them are adequate for someone in my position, alternatives would be appreciated.

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    Grab your self a copy of Nielsen Cheung it is a very good book.
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