Question about barbell weight distribution

Does it make a difference on a barbell how far apart the weights are from the centre? For example, if you've got a long pole with weights right at the end, compared to a shorter pole with the same amount of weight but closer together (putting aside the differences in pole weight), would the long one be harder to press or lift? My gut says no, yet... here I am asking.


The longer the pole, the more stable the barbell will be in your hands. That might make it a little easier to lift, compared to a short barbell where you might have to invest a little energy into balancing the left and right sides as you lift. Other than that, it seems like equal weights would require the same effort.


Science Advisor
In reality, you do face the problem of longer bars bending and then having to compensate by balancing again. I think for most average guys with normal amounts of weights, the longer is better. It helps spread the balancing forces around to more muscles where the shorter bar or individual dumbells require smaller muscle groups to do the balancing which makes it seem a bit tougher to do.

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