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Question about Calculus 2

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    I overheard some of my classmates in Cal 1 talking about how the professor is only going over basic things and we arent even ready for Cal 2. so my question is what do i need to know for Cal 2? I want to try to get ready for it over the break. :(
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    If I was in your situation I would continue where the class left off
    and check the course description to see what Calculus 2 is supposed to cover. A solutions manual to your book, if available and if you don't have one, is probably a great idea also. Goodluck and have fun:)
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    If your Calc. 2 class is like mine was, you'll need to know differentian rules and the fundamental theorem of calculus. You'll start the class on the FTC then move on to integration rules and techniques.

    You should definitely check out the syllabus ahead of time though. That's a good idea in general, actually.
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    Only someone who knows the calculus courses at your school can answer that question. Different schools divide topics differently among the courses in their calculus sequence.
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    MY calc 1 class basically mostly covered all of the fundamentals of differential calculus (limits, derivative definition and rules, FTC, graphing by first and second derivatives and critical points, optimization, related rates, and some basic integration by substitution). If your calc 1 class is covering all of these things, then you will be ready for most calc 2 classes.

    IF yoru calc 2 class is anything like my calc 2 class, it will cover integration techniques and series. (integration of various trig functions, trig sub, integration by parts, integration by partial fractions, maclaurin and taylor series, series tests, and arc length). the calc 1 concepts above were sufficient preparation for calc 2.
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    wow that sucks. he didnt let us use calculators in the class so i guess he went easy on us because all we did really go over was limits, derivatives, max and min values, mean value thm, and very basic antiderivatives
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    Continue your study of antiderivatives, and you should be okay. Read about the Fundamental theorem of Calculus, finding ares, and finding volumes.
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    MY calc prof did not allow calculators either, but your class didn't cover much less than mine.
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    my cal2 was double integral, del operator, and series.
    graphic calculater wasnt allowed in the class. but i finished my final without anything but a pencil. (scientific was okay)
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    That was my Calc IV. Well, no, series was Calc II. But all the multivariable was Calc IV for me (we're on quarters not semesters).
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    Just study the fundamental theories behind integration, then I would move on to techniques of integration (the basic tricks behind solving integral problems), and if you have time to applications of integration.
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    Thanks everyone for your help! :D
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