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Question about car insurance

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    Does it always increase when you get a ticket. I got a ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign , but I had the right of way because I arrived at the stop sign first but I before the other three cars as I turned right. What should I do to prevent my (or I should say parents') car insurance from going up? This is my first ticket
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    Depending which state you live in, if you pay twice the amount of the fine, they will dismiss the ticket and it won't go on your record. I did this on the tickets the Evo Child got. You should call the court that handles the ticket and ask them what's allowable, or contact an attorney that deals with tickets.
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    My brother is a cop. In our area there is an option on our tickets that the officer can put on the ticket to make it simply a fine. It does not get reported to the Secretary of State once it is paid (no points on your license). Apparently it is up to the discretion of the officer though. You may have the same thing in your area. You may be lucky. I would call your county courthouse that deals with tickets and ask.

    That being said, young drivers with moving violations are going to be a tough rap to beat. You could try to plead your case in court. Just hope that the officer doesn't show up. The the ticket would get dropped.
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    Here the officer has the option of giving a warning which carries no fine. It doesn't go on your driving record either, but is viewable for a time to officers. They can see if in the last year you were let go with a warning and base their decision to give a ticket based on that information.
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    You made a mistake/broke the law! Suffer the consequences, and learn from it!

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