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Question about cloning.

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    I was wondering what effect cloning will have (if any at all) on the evolutionary process. Would it increase life expectancy, using theraputic cloning? Assuming human cloning was given the all-clear, would we then go about cloning brilliant scientists, philosophers, etc to increase the quality of life? Would the evolutionary process stop (or has it already stopped), as those who shouldn't survive certain diseases, like cancer, begin to survive these diseases only for their genes to be passed on? Would like to hear your thoughts.
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    Evolution has not yet "stopped," but medical intervention has certainly altered its course.

    I personally hope that people who find out they are carriers for genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis will simply choose to adopt rather than parent genetic children. I also hope people who have a high likelihood of passing on other terrible diseases, like some familial cancers, will choose to adopt. I think that improved and more widespread genetic testing can lead, over time, to a voluntary removal of those genetic defects from the gene pool.

    I don't feel that cloning entire people -- scientists or philosophers, for example -- is a wise idea. There is, of course, no way to tell whether a brilliant scientist was born with such destiny inherent in her genes, or whether her parenting and environment (which cannot be exactly duplicated) is equally important.

    - Warren
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    I hope you are talking about the situation where both parents are carriers for the same disease? In such cases they now have the opportunity to do pre-implantation diagnostics.

    I don't think cloning is a good idea, since you are playing with epigenetics (even in vitro fertilization is tricky, expect to see papers to come out on that in coming years). Cloning of individuals for their adult-life qualities is especially rediculous.
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