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Question about connecting analog sensors to a serial port on an evaluation board.

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    For my final year university project, I have an array of 9 hall effect current sensors producing a maximum current output of 25mA each. They're producing an analog output which I need to convert in to digital signals so I can process them using an evaluation board and C++ code.

    At the moment I'm thinking about using an analog multiplexer to cycle through the 9 inputs (using C++ code somehow?) one by one, then using an a single input ADC to convert them to digital signals.

    Is there such a thing a multiplexing ADC?

    The evaluation board has a serial input port.. so would I even need a multiplexer? I'm a bit confused..

    Any thoughts?



    p.s The manual for the evaluation board I am using can be found at:
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    I had a quick look at the manual, and it seems your board has an expansion connector intended to be used with analogue front-ends; it also seems to support I2C
    I would look into ADCs and multiplexers with I2C interfaces.
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    You could also use a micro-controller with multiple ADC inputs -- e.g., the PIC 18F2455 has 10 10bit inputs -- basically it is one ADC with a front end multiplexer built in. But that means a lot of new programming skills to acquire. Or an Arduino hobby board might have enough inputs and has a lot of available software already.
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    Thanks for the advise!
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