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Question about conservation of information in a black hole?

  1. Jul 26, 2011 #1
    I understand that any information of an object falling into a black hole is conserved because the object asymptotically approaches the singularity leaving all the information at the surface area of the black hole until it evaporates. This is known as the holographic principle that three dimensional object information can be projected in two dimensions. My question is, how is information conserved with the initial mass at the singularity. The holographic principle only seems to save the conservation of information for things falling into the black hole after it formed. What the initial mass of the star at r = 0 or r ~ 0, right before the collapse. The black hole was born from that matter so it is actually inside the black hole to begin with. It has no connection with the surface area of the black hole. How on earth could information be conserved here?
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