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Question about current in a magnetic dipole.

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    For [itex] i(t)= I\;cos \;(\omega t - kz)\;= \Re e [Ie^{-jkz} \;e^{j\omega t}]\;= \Re e [\tilde I \;e^{j\omega t}]\;\hbox { where }\; \tilde I = I e^{-jkz}[/itex]

    In the book for Hertzian dipole and miniature loop magnetic dipoles, the book assumed uniform current and provide the equation [itex] i(t)= I \;cos \;\omega t =\Re e [I e^{j\omega t}]\; [/itex]. Is this because if current is assumed uniform, [itex]\; \tilde I = I[/itex], and become a constant.

    So for uniform current, all phasor disappeared because there is no variation with spacial coordinates anymore?
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