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Question about Dinosaurs

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    I just wanted to ask that are all or most carnivorous dinosaurs were fast and agile?
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    Using slow movement to capture fast moving prey would not be adaptive for a carnivore--you need to consider energy needs vs energy expended.
    Suppose the meat at the meat market was always moving around the store to stay away from customers (you) and you only ate meat and moved very slow. How long before the lettuce looked inviting ? Recall that carnivores are "flesh" eaters, modern day species include mammals (cats, dogs, wolf, lion, tiger, coyote), reptiles (alligator, Komono dragon--a lizard), fish (shark). Since slow moving carnivores are unknown in present time, no reason to expect they were present in dinosaurs.
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    Google hit #1 from "slow-moving carnivore"...
    http://cornellcollege.edu/biology/insects2005/6cassiecaroline/6mantis.htm [Broken]

    how about spiders (all are carnivores), carnivorous plants, grouper fish (and other ambush attackers)...

    Although I suppose "slow" is relative. The above examples move slow in general except perhaps for a quick death strike. If I kept searching, I suspect I'd find slow-moving insectivores, which I think can also be thought of as a carnivore (like spiders).

    As for larger animals...hmm...not sure off-hand. I was going to say Komodo dragons, which are generally slow, but I see that they can have bursts of speed.
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    The victims of carrion eaters don't run much about, so the carrion eaters can be slow.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Do you mean Theropods? A lot of early Theropods were carnivorous and agile, but later on some evolved into herbivory. In fact, modern birds are derived from Theropod ancestors.

    With regard to general rules in Biology - exceptions abound.

    All rodents are herbivorous. Not quite: Grasshopper mice are carnivores.
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    Another God

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    Ant-eaters are slow, but again, their death strike is fast (tongue). I was also going to observe carrion eaters are meat-a-sauruses and dont need to be fast, but someone beat me to it :p
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    I meant dinosaurs like Velociraptors, Utahraptors, Deinonychus and I read that the T-Rex could run up to 35 mph.
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