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Question about dream manipulation

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    I m at loss where I would post this question but is there a way to manipulate a person's dreams etc using waves. You know where this might be going to.....
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    This is actually quite well studied in the mainstream, so look up "transcranial magnetic stimulation".
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'm not quite clear on the limits of your question, but there is also the concept of lucid dreaming:


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    So what would be the basis of Virtual reality simulation (without LCD screens etc) using these methods?
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    What methods are you referring to?
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    the science fictional ones where a person's consciousness is placed into another world or place. Is it even possible?
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    What part of science fiction is confusing you? :biggrin:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    This is not possible now, nor do we know if such a thing ever will be possible in practice or in principle.
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    You can never be placed where you don't want to go and your limits are only what you put upon yourself.
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