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Medical Question about electricity -- Can being under the influence of drugs dull the effect of Tasers?

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    This is a question I have is in Lei to an argument my friend and I were having.
    In regards to be electrocuted or tasered; would the effect of being "high" let's say on LSD, PSPS or whatever nullify the effect of the given electrocution
    Simply put can being high stop a tasers effect?
    Thanks for any help.
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    Electrocution involves a much higher level of current than what Tasers use. Obviously Taser designers try to make the temporary paralysis effect work with no lasting permanent damage or death. There are medical conditions that can make the Taser use result in serious injury or death, but thankfully those are rare.

    True electrocution cannot be blunted by any drug that I'm aware of. There are probably a few medical drugs that can lower the sensitivity of the heart's electrical pacemaker nodes and distribution nerves to outside electrocution, but just by a little, and AFAIK, recreational drugs would not fall into this category.

    There are some medical conditions and some recreational drugs that can lower the sensitivity of a person to the effects of the limited Taser shocks, and those are very problematic for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). If the less-than-lethal Taser does not work well enough to let the officers safely take the individual into custody, then the escalation of force can result in bad things for the person who they are trying to detain or arrest.

    What reading have you been doing on this question on your own? There should be many helpful articles on how some illnesses and some recreational drugs affect the effectiveness of Tasers...
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    Hi there Megaton
    welcome to PF

    for a starter, you misunderstand the meaning of the word "electrocution"
    definition = electrocution is death by electric shock

    what you are really referring to is an electric shock and if its effects are dulled by some form of intoxication

    other than that, @berkeman has given you some very good considerations

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    Thanks for your help. TBH I have been having difficulty finding a good simple article on this, thanks for your response.
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    There are analgesics, e.g. opioids that dull the sensation of pain stimulus to the body. Some recreational drugs do contain opiates. For articles, you may want to search (keywords): opioids & electric shock, to find some useful literature.
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