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Homework Help: Question about electromagnetic induction

  1. Oct 27, 2004 #1
    Lets say theres a bar magnet going at a speed V (North pole first) through the central axis of symmetry of the circular coil.

    Sketch the graph of the graph of the magnetic flux through the circular loop as a function of time. Also sketch the graph of the corresponding emf as a function of time.

    I hope you understand the question just tell me if yu don't ill put up a diagram.

    When the magnet approaches the flux increases, peaks when the magnet is at the centre of the coil, and then reduces as the magnet recedes.
    SO the graph would look like a smooth edged A with asymptotic sides on the X axis

    Forthe plot of EMF vs Time, the EMF would constantly increase (??) as the magnet approaches, then reach a max when the magnet is at zero, and then start from negative infinity as the magnet receded??

    Your help would be appreciated!
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