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Question about Emmy Noether

  1. Apr 29, 2005 #1
    I am in need of Noether's paper she wrote in around 1915 about variational symmetries.

    I need to know how she found that [for an ode L(x,y,y')]if an X and Y (infinitesimals) exists then you can rewrite the Euler-Lagrange Equation in terms of L(x,y,y'), X(x,y) and Y(x,y).

    This is really amazing how she didn't this. So instead of solving for y(x) in the E-L equ you can just plug it in to the equation she came up with.

    If anyone could find the paper she wrote that would be awesome!!

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    Ok, I found it. thanks anyways.(http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~cwp/lists/accDB_su.html)

    Symmetry is THE most powerful tool in solving differential equations. If you are a young math major you should difinitely think about going to a school where symmetry classes are avaliable.
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    Doc Al

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    Speaking of Emmy Noether...

    Leon Lederman has written an excellent, non-technical book dedicated to symmetry in physics. It is a long-overdue, popular homage to Emmy Noether!

    Symmetry and the Beautiful Universe
    by Leon M. Lederman & Christopher T. Hill​
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