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Question about english

  1. Aug 4, 2010 #1
    hi every one
    iam new member here
    and iwant to ask you aquestion
    iam egyption
    and i want to learn english and physics
    and my question is:
    whats the best (that i learn physics by my language first and then i improve my english)or(that i learn physics by english language and learn english and physics to gether)
    thank you very much
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    YOu most definitely need to consult a textbook in Arabic (I guess that is your own language?) on physics.
    Ask your tutor about a good English textbook as well, that covers roughly the same material.

    Fortunately, the mathematical symbols are universal, so that the real substance in the physics course pose no language problem.
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    thaaaaaaaaaank you very much
    but i need more opinions
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    Like Arildno above said, both.

    Since your aim is to learn English and Physics together, I advise you start learning them likewise. Use a good dictionary, and consult any of your English friends for help. In my opinion, its more easy to find data in English (example: physicsforum is an English forum) than in other languages. This can be wrong because I haven't really tried finding any science stuff in other languages since the only two languages I know are English and French but anyway, if your plan was to just focus on Physics, then English, though important shouldn't be your first target. For now, do both.

    You will eventually reach a stage where you can speak and understand English well (if not VERY well). Then you can devote more time to physics.
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    Another thing, hager:
    The importance of real-life FRIENDS who have the same love of physics and maths as you.

    Such friends can be hard to find, so be on your lookout for them in your local sphere!

    With them, you can struggle, discuss and gradually hone your skills.
    Friendly competition is also a great way to motivate yourself for intense studies.
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    Thaaaaank you very much
    ilove this forum
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    marhaba, hager

    Improving your English will open up more resources for you to help you learn physics. The best option is to learn both.
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    thaaaaaaaaaank you jack
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    Ahlan. I agree with those who have said that English is critical here, but remember that you will then be fluent in both Arabic and English, which is a marketable skill all by itself! My advice is to do everything; watch some English TV, take Arildno's advice about friends, use something like Rosetta Stone... do it all. The more ways you take in a language, the more it seems to stick in my experience. ma as-salama
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    thaaaaank you very much
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