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Question about epoxy.

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    What is the conductivity of epoxy when dry? Also is there any expansion or contraction when epoxy cure? That is if you fill epoxy in a gap, would it pull or push the two side when dry?

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    Epoxy comes in many varied types and materials
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    Most epoxies have poor thermal and electrical conductivity and are also non-magnetic. However, you can get conductive metal-filled epoxies. You can also get epoxy with high thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity which are used in electronics. And there is usually no expansion or contraction after curing. You may find what you need here:
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    Thanks for the reply. I definitely need non conductive type. I use it to cover electronic surface mount components on printed circuit board. I want the type that is opaque so people cannot see through. I need it to not expend or contract when set because I have seen potting materials pulling components apart when set and the circuit board stop working after potting.

    Thanks for all your help as I don't know anything about epoxy.
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    Anyone please?
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    What you're looking for is called 'conformal coat'.
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