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Question About Fossils

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    Hello! I read this post on Facebook and I am curious as to its validity and accuracy:

    95% of the fossil record is made of plants. Shellfish & coral make up most of the rest while vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds & mammals) make only 1/4 of 1% of the fossil record & only 1 of every 500 of these consist of more than one bone!

    This doesn't seem that far from accurate, but I'd love to see peer-reviewed sources on this. Also, the fossil count must be in the several hundred millions because we have hundreds, if not, thousands of fossils JUST in the human evolutionary tree.

    Thanks, guys!
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    Simon Bridge

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    That's easy - it's on Facebook and no citations were given? No note of how the contribution to the overall fossil record was measured was given (i.e by weight, volume, raw number??) or even what "fossil record" means in this context? - therefore it is invalid and meaningless.

    Ask the person who posted it to supply a citation.
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    Garbage posted on facebook is..garbage. If there is no peer reviewed source linked to a respected publication, ignore it. You shouldn't even need to ask.
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