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B Question about getting Force

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    can we get Force with velocity and mass only?
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    Force of what, where, in which setup? Mass and velocity of what?

    Your question is way too vague to answer.

    Is this a homework problem?
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    No it isn't. Like the force of a punch or a rocket
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    Not without context.

    A rocket at a given mass and velocity can either use its thrusters or not use them. The resulting force will be very different.
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    I think you mean impact force? An object in motion does not just "have force".

    And the answer is still no: force for an impact(collision) is determined by the rate of deceleration, which depends also on the structure of the objects colliding. It doesn't have a single value and the variation throughout the impact can be very complex.
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    Do you mean formula ## F=\frac{dp}{dt}=m\cdot\frac{dv}{dt}##?
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    David Lewis

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    It takes force to change the velocity of a mass.
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