Question about global warming

  1. I read somewhere that one of the dangerous consequences of global warming is another ice age, kinda like what we saw in the movie "The day after tomorrow" . My friend was arguing with somebody about whether global warming will cause a drop in temperature or instead rising temperatures. When I told her what I know she asked me "what is it called warming ? "

    anyone can offer a brief explanation of global warming and temperature rising/decline ?

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    Do you want to know about global warming's causes or effects?
  4. I would like to learn more about its effects.

    thanks :)
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    Temperature decline has been suggested as one possible effect current climate trends could have on the northern Atlantic. To put it simply: Currently the region is kept warm by an ocean current known as the north atlantic drift that moves warm tropical water from equatorial regions up to europe and the north Atlantic. Evidence suggests that if the amount of fresh water entering the north Atlantic from the Greenland ice sheet and Siberian river systems were to increase due to global warming, this would disrupt the current and drastically lower the region's temperature.
  6. that makes sense...thanks matthyaouw
  7. global warming the enchanced of greenhouse effect.Most of the reasons is excess greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.they are good at absorbing longwave radiation (heat) and weak in solar radiation. The sun heats up the ground , the ground emits heat as a longwave radiation. So the temperature of The Earth rises.
    And "global cooling "because the ocean current belt stops. The ocean current from the equator to greenland stops as the melting water dilute the concentration of salt.England is a place which is energy it drops Temperature sharply . ice has a good reflection . So less heat can be stored at the Earth.
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