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Question about grad school admissions

  1. Dec 15, 2005 #1
    Im applying to grad schools this time next year but I have one problem. My gpa is only 2.85 right now and at this point it doesnt look like its going to go much higher. Ive already talked to a school that said they have a 3.0 requirement but that they will make exceptions to that. I talked with a teacher there who said if i get above a 3.0 they will admit me. So right now I seem to have two options.
    1. Try to do the best I can in my remaining classes and spend the rest of this year doing undergrad research as well as the summer. Hope that research will make up for the low gpa
    2. forget the summer research job and retake some classes over the summer to get the gpa over 3.0. I figured that if I retake general chem and get an A ill be at 3.05
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