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Question about gravitons

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    So I understand it this way.gravitons are not experimentally proved but they are proposed theoretically.So they are the gravitational force carriers just like photons are for electromagnetic field.right? but the main question is Where do gravitons come from? We all know that the more something weights the denser it is or bigger , so I assume bigger things or denser things have more atoms and elementary particles in them, so the more mass the more atoms the higher gravity , so would it be fair to assume that gravitons are like any other particle in this way, the more they are the stronger the gravity.But for them to be more the object has to be larger or denser.?

    Also a highly philosophical question.We have learned to create electrons and electron beams like in CRT'S and elsewhere and other particles.Could we make or is it even possible by modern day thinking to make gravitons ,and hence gravity?

    Thanks for answering , and please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    The sources of gravity are energy and pressure (see General Relativity), so if gravitons exist they would be emitted and absorbed by anything that has either of those.

    When we create particles such as electrons, all we are really doing is converting other forms of matter/energy into them. Energy is conserved, so if gravitons exist then whatever form it is in will emit and absorb them.
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