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Homework Help: Question about gravity

  1. Feb 5, 2008 #1
    My professor gave us a question about gravity but I just have no idea how to explain it. I hope somebody will help me out as soon as possible, thanks a lot.

    Question: How does gravity affect us without even touching us unlike other forces?
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    Hint: Consider the analogy of an electrostatics and how electrostatics makes use of electric fields.
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    well, I still kinda don't get the correct idea, can somebody help me out?
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    The simple answer is that's just the way it is; that is, gravity doesn't have to touch us to affect us as contact forces do. If you want have a more intuitive understanding, and if you have not seen the analogy to electrostatics yet, look up gravitational field. Consider, what is a field? What does the strength of the force of gravity depend on? What does the strength of the acceleration of gravity depend on?
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