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Question about handling

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    Take your standard to large size ATV and make it go over 100mph. Will it be able to turn....at all? I would imagine that there would be a lot of difficulties just because the wheel base (dont know if that is the term or not...I mean the distance between the two front or the two rear tires) is not very wide, as compared to a car thats designed to go over 100mph.

    When I think of something like this, I am imagining getting it up over 100mph, trying to turn, only to have the thing flip on its side...many many times.
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    I used to own a highly modified Yamaha Tri-Z 250cc three-wheeler. It'd do 90MPH+ but was an absolute handful at speed. Even at 60-70MPH it was quite an adreneline rush to move over on a gravel road, the short wheelbase meant things happened quickly and the nature of being a 3-wheeler made it twitchy as well. I have a cousin with a modified Banshee, it handles pretty well at 70-75MPH in comparison.

    You can't turn tight corners unless you want to end up like Ozzy, but they can still change directions even if only slowly on long sweeping gradual curves. The bigger problem is the tires aren't balanced and this is a huge issue at speed.

    The high center of gravity and solid rear axle doesn't help either which is why transferring your body weight is even more important than at low speeds. Don't try it at home unless you're experienced, never ride beyond your skills, and always with the right protective gear kinda thing.

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