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Question about induced E field.

  1. May 26, 2012 #1
    Lets say I have an infinite line charge. And I am standing next to it and then we both go into free fall towards earth. The line charge is falling vertically towards earth. In my frame It feels like I am floating in free space. But to someone on the ground they see an increasing current so this changing B field should induce an E field. In my free fall do I perceive the induced E field that is in the direction of increasing current? And obviously there is a static E field from the line charge.
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    No. In your frame,you donot percieve the induced emf if u and the line chare are both falling at same speed(i am assuming it a free fall. In this case the line charge is static w.r.t you and hence no change in magnetic field in your frame and u dont percieve the induced emf.

    (Note:- some areas of electrodynamics doesnt support special relativity as shown recently in a paper.)
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    what is this paper called
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