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Question about infrared

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    Is there a material that can effectively make a strong heat source undetectable by infrared, by covering it (the heat source)? A random question, I know - just curious.
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    How hot are we talking about? How thick can the material be?
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    Any heat insulating material of sufficient R value will.
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    It should be noted that any material that shields the infrared appearence of the heat source would also trap the heat. Something to bear in mind if the purpose of the heat source is to heat your house, or if overheating is a concern.
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    Not extremely hot. I'm not exactly sure what to compare it to for an example...hmm, maybe say you had like fifty 60 watt bulbs in a particular room in your house - in lamps that were placed on the floor. What could you cover those lamps with to make the heat undetectable by infrared?

    Thanks for the reply btw.
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