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Homework Help: Question about integrals

  1. Sep 3, 2005 #1
    Hmmmmmm...Well I guess my first question is how do I write the integral...Do I have to have some sort of program or...???

    Anyway, lets say I have some kind of simple integral and there is dx in front of it. What is that dx there for.
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    Do you mean how to you notate it? The "dx" refers to the variable of integration. If you were in terms of y, you would write "dy".

    An example: [tex]\int xdx[/tex] This is in terms of the variable x, so we notate that by writing dx.
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    O thanks. :smile:
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    If you are asking about how to put such equations on this forum, double click on any equation you are interested in and a window will open showing the Latex code.

    Double click on:
    [tex]\int xdx[/tex]

    For more information on Latex, see the "sticky" in the "General Physics" thread.
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    O yeah :smile: . I forgot about that. Thanks man. I aprrecaite it.
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